By Gloria Pitzer, as seen in… Gloria Pitzer’s Cookbook – Best Of The Recipe Detective (Balboa Press; Jan. 2018, p. 280). [A revised reprint of Gloria Pitzer’s Better Cookery Cookbook (Secret RecipesTM, St. Clair, MI; May 1983, 3rd Edition).]


1 angel food cake

7 ounces flaked coconut

2 jars (10-ounces each) maraschino cherries, well-drained

1-pound shelled pecans or walnuts, broken into odd sized pieces

20-ounce can pineapple chunks, drained

10-ounce can Mandarin orange slices, drained

2 tubs (12-ounce each) Cool Whip

Macaroons (for garnish)


For this dreamy dessert, bake your own angel food cake or pick one up at the market – tear it apart into bite-sized pieces in a large mixing bowl, adding coconut, maraschino cherries, pecan or walnut pieces, pineapple chunks, and Mandarin orange slices. Lightly mix together with Cool Whip. Serve in stemmed goblets with macaroons. Makes 10-12 servings.


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