“New” Country Buffet-Style Sugar-Free Dessert

“New” Country Buffet-Style Sugar-Free Dessert By Gloria Pitzer, as seen on her “Free Recipes & Ordering Information” sheets (2000) Ingredients: 1 cup cottage cheese 8-oz pkg. cream cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 2 small boxes sugar-free strawberry gelatin powder 1 envelope sugar-free strawberry drink powder (like Kool Aid) 8-oz tub Lite Cool Whip Instructions: In […]


Mondays & Memories of My Mom – New Year’s Eve Resolutions

Hello to everyone! Allow me to introduce myself to any new visitors here – I am Laura (Pitzer) Emerich, and this is my blog, Mondays & Memories of My Mom, a tribute to the legacy of a woman who helped to make me who I am, as well as a mentor and “trail-blazer” for so […]