Hot Dog & Bacon BBQ

Aunt Hazel’s Hot Dog & Bacon BBQ [From Gloria Pitzer’s 2002-2004 free recipes, media promotion sheet.] Ingredients: 1-pound Ball Park franks, each frank sliced in quarters 1-pound bacon, sliced in half 1 small box of round, wood toothpicks 1 cup each: ketchup and sugar Instructions: Cut each of the franks into 4 pieces of equal […]


Mondays & Memories of My Mom – Reading, Writing and Radio

Happy Monday everyone! ONCE UPON A TIME… Whenever Mom was asked “how it all began”, she found it hard to pinpoint that one moment. Over the years, she had mentioned numerous times that, as a pre-teen, she was inspired to be a writer after watching a 1946 Warner Brothers Picture about the Bronte sisters, called […]