Spanish Bar Cake & Frosting, Like Ann Page

SPANISH BAR CAKE & FROSTING, Like Ann Page By Gloria Pitzer, as seen in… The Copycat Cookbook (Secret RecipesTM, St. Clair, MI; April 1988, p. 52) CAKE INGREDIENTS: 20-oz can apple pie filling 4 large eggs 1 TB apple pie spice powder ¼ tsp powdered cloves 18-oz box yellow cake mix 1 cup raisins 1 […]


Mondays & Memories of My Mom – Twinkie Day Eve

Happy April and happy Easter Monday! Additionally, I wish a very merry Twinkie Day Eve to all! Mondays are so incredibly special! I continually look forward to them, as they are my 52 Chances, each year, in which I get to share Memories of My Mom with all of you! #TheRecipeDetective #TwinkieDay  Tomorrow, April 6th, […]