Gloria Pitzer Presents Top Secret Recipes Al a Carte

This cookbook is referred to as “Book 4” or the “Orange Book”. Over the many printings the cover was changed slightly, but the title always remained “Top Secret Recipes Al’ a Carte” with the original masthead simply reading “Cookbook”. The recipes in this book were laid out like an encyclopedia, in alphabetical order; so, there was no index included in the 1st printing. However, one was added in later printings. Some of the art work in this book was done by 2 of Gloria’s 5 children, Mike & Debbie Pitzer.

Fun Facts:

  • Printings: 3+
  • Years: Sep 1979 – Aug 1981
  • Recipes: 377 listed in 3rd printing
  • Pages: 52
  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Original Price: $5.00
  • Used copies on eBay: $22.99
  • Used copies on Amazon: $10
  • ISBN: unknown
  • No longer in print
  • Self-Published by Gloria Pitzer’s Secret Recipes