Gloria Pitzer Presents – Secret Knock Off Recipes – for On-the-Go Cooks

In this book, Gloria Pitzer draws a parallel between most of the recipe secrets she shares with you here and those dishes we’ve all enjoyed while eating out or products we all buy at the supermarket. The food industry’s secrets are closely guarded by a very competitive market; but, with Gloria’s recipes, she unbreaks the codes and unmasks the mysteries of dining in as if we are eating out!

Fun Facts:

  • Printings: 2+
  •  Years: Nov 1996 – Jun 1997+
  •  Recipes: 352 listed in 2nd printing
  • Pages: 60
  •  Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  •  Original Price: $8.75
  •  Used copies on eBay or Amazon: none found
  • ISBN: 1-886138-11-7
  • No longer in print
  • Self Published: Gloria Pitzer’s Secret Recipes